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Products / PDAs / Asus A639

Asus A639

Asus A639


Battery: Li-Ion
Display type: Color
Resolution: 240 × 320
RAM (MB): 64
Processor (MHz): 400
Weight(g): 187
Operating system: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0


This new Mypal A639 makes every PDA owner drool. It has everything you want and more. This PDA is one of the first with 1 GB FLASH ROM storage for GPS maps or MP3/DIVX. The integrated GPS module (SiRF Star III chip) makes it an excellent travel companion. The battery life is very good and furthermore it has a great screen. In broad daylight it's still very readable. The Intel Xscale CPU runs at 416Mhz, not the fastest around, but still faster than most other PDA's.

The two drawbacks are the 64 MB of ram and USB 1.1. With 1 GB FLASH ROM you want to exchange a lot of data quickly from your computer to the A639. If Asus have choosen for USB 2.0, which is about 40 times faster than USB 1.1, it would make the A639 a real PDA champion.

As alternatives also check out the Asus Mypal A636N or the Mitac Mio P550. Not as much internal memory as the A639 but with the same funtionality.

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